Homework and Relaxation

As part of the boys’ long list of homework activities each week, they are to have some ‘relaxation’ time, and record it in their homework book. This is to counterbalance the demands of modern childhood. I think it would be more relaxing to have less homework and not have to write about your ‘relaxation’ time in your homework book… but that’s me.

Here is Hugo’s relaxation log for this week, along with a photo of Rose and Lily, taken the first day they came home. They have grown a little since last week. It’s probably a good thing that the other chickens keep them in line, as they will be the largest of the lot when they finish growing.

hugo RoseLily cuddle Oct2014

I think that’s Lily being stroked. It must be Poppy in the background. Nobody else has such a magnificent tail pattern! (She looks a little jealous of Hugo’s attention, if you ask me.)

Rose and Lily Pteradactyl Twins

Rose on the left, Lily on the right. Rose has a fluffy baby bottom, whereas Lily is tall and elegant. But don’t be deceived. Rose is the boss!

I don’t think it will be long before Hugo is scanning and posting on his own. I found his homework book in the scanner this morning, waiting for my attention. Hugo loves computers, so I think he will be pleased to learn the how-to. My system is not the simplest, however, as it is set up for illustrating as a business, and nothing is automated; everything customised. We’ll find a way to make it work for Hugo though. I just need a little time.



We’ve got a bit of catching up to do on this blog!

Here’s Hugo’s spooky pic done for a DMag competition. He drew the line art. Then I scanned it so that he could colour it as needed and not be upset if he didn’t like the result. (Great if you have a second chance with a new printout.)

But then before I knew it, Hugo was having his very first lesson in PhotoShop. He learned quickly. We stuck to greyscale because our colour printer doesn’t work. And Hugo learned how to select areas and fill them, delete, deselect, erase, change brush sizes, and so on. He enjoyed it. And although the judges will probably not think so, this is all his own work. Simple but rather cool, and fabulously contrasty I think.

Bravo Hugo!

spooky pic Hugo lores