Some of Hugo’s work exhibited in the school art show recently

mixed up animal LOTE

This one was part of the Italian display at the art show. The teacher had them drawing mixed up animals. Here Hugo has mixed a cat with a bird.

rejected fish

This was called ‘rejected fish’ and I think was a take on the old John West advertisements that some of us can remember on television. There was a whole spread of colourful rejected fish on this row of tables. They looked spectacular.

bird study

This display was wonderfully colourful and detailed. The birds were partly inspired by two of our chickens who came in to visit the school for the day. This must be Poppy in her most glamorous evening wear.

teacher summary


4 thoughts on “Some of Hugo’s work exhibited in the school art show recently

  1. I love these drawings Hugo and the “rejected fish”. It looks really miserable and the cat with wings is not so strange because archaeologists have recently discovered fossils of small feathered dinosaurs in China and Canada.
    Great work, Pa Ray.

  2. Hi again Hugo

    I love the picture of the bird/cat. No wonder he’s bemused – is he prey or predator?

    The rejected fish looks so colourful. Love the scaly bright blue fabric that he’s resting on, but best of all I love the patterned bird – beautiful patterns and colours.

    What a fabulous collection of art .

    Love as always

    Nanna Gail.

  3. The fish is from the display “The Fish That John West Rejects”. The students were to design a pinch pot fish, that displays characteristics that would make ‘John West’ reject it. We discussed what types of things the company would find wrong with the fish, some added more eyes, no tails, only one fin, sharp teeth etc. The children made some wonderful pieces. It was an interesting topic to discuss with them, as they had never seen the ‘John West’ advertisements prior to the topic. Great work Hugo. Mrs Searles (Art Teacher)

    • A great, fun project Mrs Searles. Thanks for visiting and explaining more about what you did. I love the conversations you have with the students, as well as the making. I can’t wait to see your new blog with lots of photos of the work!

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